Sustainably sourced. Ethically made.
We know the impact fashion and apparel have on our planet, which is why we’ve built a robust environmental program to ensure the highest standards of protection and welfare of our planet and people are met.  


Materials + Processing

100% of our fabrics are bluesign® certified. What that means is we’ve taken painstaking steps to ensure the total health, safety and protection of our environment, the people who made your garment, and you - who wears this regularly. We reduce the amount of resources used to make this fabric and ensure chemicals of concern are completely out of the picture.


We only partner with organizations that have a long-standing history in clean production that meet stringent standards for pollution control and care for their people by eliminate hazardous chemicals and installing ventilation systems to keep the air and emissions clean.


We have fully eliminated plastic from our protective bags, using a plant-based compostable material. So much plastic waste come from protective garment bags that get mindlessly used and tossed, so we wanted to close the loop and only use fully compostable bags that breakdown in your compost bin without creating any additional waste in our landfills. 

We build to last. Clothing that stands up to wear and tear, looks good and fits great stay out of landfills. Our commitment to sustainability is comprehensive. We loathe fast fashion. We obsess over quality because that is what keeps our land and our people protected.