Drifted stands for the community of women who are nature lovers, cultural travelers and aren't ready to grow out of their sense of adventure. Our mission is to build, the best, most versatile clothing so you can say 'yes' to exploring the most beautiful and wildest places of the world...


What we do 

We're obsessed with quality

Functionality is non-negotiable for us, and we also want everything to feel amazing and comfortable on the body so we developed our own materials that are durable, soft, breathable, wicking and stretchy. We fit every garment on real women so we can see how she moves in it, where it needs to hug in for support, where it needs to relax, where does she store her stuff, does her personality feel uplifted when she’s in it. We add seam shaping details to flatter the body and all functional features are integrated into the design so it’s there when you need it, but blends in when you don’t.  There are no design details that sacrifice function just for looks. 


 How we do it

Sustainably sourced, ethically made. 

Protecting the environment and our people, every step of the way, is our unwavering standard. We take great measures to ensure our materials made from environmentally and humanely safe sources. We work end-to-end to keep our processes responsible and transparent.


Why we do it

Building global outdoor culture

We want to connect women to one another, through the outdoors. In our experience, we’ve met our closest friend while traveling around the world, by exploring nature together. We are here to provide resources so women can develop the skills and confidence to navigate the great outdoors, whether solo or with friends & family, we want to grow a culture that empowers female explorers to lead in the outdoors that build joyful, curios and connected communities.



Meet our Founder 

Hi! I'm Puja. I’m the mama of a 1.5 year old toddler, Jules, and a 15 year old wiener dog, Misto. I love being in nature, and adventure traveling. Like, obsessed with it. It’s when I feel most at peace and alive, at the same time. In fact, the idea for Drifted came on a trip to Morocco. My group of friends planned a full day, first, an epic trek through the Atlas Mountains and then a swanky dinner at Richard Branson's Kasbah. We were so stoked, that is, till we got dressed. We didn’t have enough time to go back to our flats and change between plans, so the girls in our group were at this weird crossroads: do we dress for the hike, or dress for the dinner. Well, we dressed for the hike, but ended having to cancel our dinner plans because we weren’t about to show up in our grungy outdoor gear. Honestly, that sucked. And that wasn't the first time it's happened. 

My girlfriends always talked about how hard it was to find good outdoor gear for women. We'd end up having to wear what the boys wore, the fits were shapeless, or super tight, there never seemed to be enough pocket space and the colors were either this blah-beige or super bright magenta. These clothes only worked in one environment. They weren't playing to the multifaceted adventures. 

The motivation to do something came because it's very special sharing the outdoors, travel and adventure with one another, which has connected me to a large group of girlfriends around the world. It's an immediate connection that feels like soul sisters just because of a shared epic experience. So, to do this, wasn't about making better clothes for me, it was about getting more women outdoors, traveling and connecting with each other to develop their sisterhood community. 

I interviewed over 300 women, asking, listening and diving deep into what they needed from their outdoor & travel gear. We asked what was missing, what sucked, what was great, what was on their wish list. After listening to all the feedback we distilled down into three core values that seemed unanimous amongst our women: Obsess over quality + fit. Make it sustainably. Build an outdoor culture for women.  puja seth - founder