We develop the best-in-class technical, performance and innovative fabrics while meeting the most stringent sustainability standards. High performance, functionality and efficiency are our standard, and feeling soft and comfortable against the skin is a must. Using our unique construction techniques and wear-testing and fitting on dozens of real women, we've designed the most wearable and high performance fabrics that you'll find in clothing. 


Clay Stretch™ Fabric

clay stretch fabric

Molds with the heat of your body. The more you wear it, the better it fits. This fabric is smooth and soft on the skin, has full range stretch with 4-way mechanical stretch, and moisture wicking, quick dry and water resistant.  The stretch is built into the way the fibers are woven, so it never sags out. The matte finish conceals the ‘technical look’ without sacrificing performance. 100% Bluesign Certified


Drifted Ripstop Fabric

drifted ripstop fabric

Our most durable fabric holds up to rugged terrain, yet still gentle on the skin. Provides full range of motion with mechanical stretch, breathability, water resistance, moisture wicking and quick dry. Matte finish, lightly textures and feels soft to the touch. This lightweight fabric makes it ideal for multi-climate adventures and layering. 100% Bluesign Certified 


Air Light™ Fabric


Lightweight, breezy, and ultra breathable. Feels like whipped butter on the body. Full 4-way stretch, quick dry, and moisture wicking make this ideal for hot days when you need a layer between you and the sun.


How we Perfect Fit

Every garment is fit on real women, doing real things. We obsessively watch how each woman moves in the garment. Do we see her fussing, does she tug on the waist, readjust the way it falls on her calves, try to smooth out the hip, does her posture change? Even if she says it feels good, we watch how she unconsciously makes adjustments and her body naturally makes adjustments to feel more comfortable. It’s from this point, we perfect fit.


When you feel incredible, you'll experience incredible things.