Why NOT to Hike in Leggings

Heading out for a big hiking excursion, or even a short day hike can feel a bit daunting when unprepared in the apparel department. The outdoors is bigger than all of us, and there’s nothing worse than being caught wishing you can dressed differently for wherever you find yourself. Thankfully, there are countless outdoor apparel companies producing top notch tops, jackets, puffy coats, and boots for all of your excursions. However, there is still a major gap in the market when it comes to hiking pants for women. For this reason, many women, simply hike in leggings or whatever they workout in.

But what happens when leggings don’t cut it anymore? When you’re sliding down rocks, scrambling up a peak, or traversing across a pass. Leggings simply aren’t made to withstand this type of technical hiking and terrain. It is from this exact frustration that Drifted Co was born. And now, finally, there are hiking pants that are not only functional for tough hikes, but they are designed with women in mind.

Top 3 reasons to NOT hike in leggings:

  1. They aren’t durable

If you’ve done any amount of hiking in leggings, you’ve likely ripped a pair on a sharp rock or jagged edge. Because of the frabric used and the elasticity of leggings, they simply cannot withstand rips or snags in the same capacity as 4-way stretch polyester.

  1. They aren’t waterproof

Rain, crossing rivers, and sweat are all extremely common for the frequent hiker. And getting caught in bad weather without apparel that is waterproof or quick to dry can be a scary situation if temperatures drop. It’s always recommended to bring a waterproof/rain jacket on hikes, so wearing waterproof material on your legs is also advised!

  1. They don’t offer ventilation

Breathability is key when hiking, especially on hotter days. Leggings hug your skin so tight that they cannot offer any ventilation while moving. That’s why looser pants with adjustable features are more ideal for serious hiking. Your legs will absolutely thank you during warm temperature hikes! 

If you’ve been a longtime legging-hiker, don’t sweat it!! Drifted Co was created to offer a better solution than leggings or functional hiking pants of the past that aren’t made for women. We recommend our High Waisted Trail Pant for all avid hikers. It offers complete functionality and performance without sacrificing style!

Happy Hiking!


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