February Events Calendar

Your one-stop shop to nationwide outdoor events, workshops, meetups and more! Here's what is going on in the month of February:

Introduction to Outdoor Rock Climbing Class - Near Los Angeles, CA February 3rd, 11th, 17th, + 25th

Lanham Lake Trail Snowshoe Tour at Stevens Pass - Near Seattle, WA February 3rd + 16th

Mt. St. Helens Snowshoe Tour to June Lake - Near Portland, OR February 4th

Fat Tire Joyride Biking - Near Denver, CO February 4th, 13th, 20th, + 26th

Introduction to Colorado Snowshoeing - Near Denver, CO February 5th 

Sunset Snowshoe + Smores - Near Denver, CO February 5th

Rock Climb the McDowell Mountains - Near Phoenix, AZ February 6th

Pacific Coast Kayak Tour - Near Los Angeles, CA February 6th + 18th

New England Night Hike - Near Portland, ME February 8th

First Light Snowshoe Tour at Snoqualmie Pass - Near Seattle, WA February 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 18th, 18th, + 27th

Essential Backpacking Skills Class - Near San Francisco, CA February 11th + 25th

Caving + Rappelling at Colorado Bend State Park - Near Austin, TX February 12th+ 13th

Women’s Superstition Mountains Overnight Backpacking Trip - Near Phoenix, AZ February 12-13 (overnight trip) 

Women’s Mt. St. Helens Snowshoe Tour - Near Portland, OR February 13th

Berkshires Cross Country Ski Tour - Near Albany, NY February 14th

Moonlight Winter Hiking Tour - Near Madison, WI February 16th

Arizona Full Moon Hike - Near Sedona, AZ February 16th

Women’s Moonlight Snowshoe Tour - Near Seattle, WA February 17th

Point Reyes Wildlife Kayak Tour - Near San Francisco, CA February 19th

Backpacking at Hill Country State Natural Area - Near Austin, TX February 19-20, or 26-27 (overnight trip)

Columbia River Gorge Winter Hike - Near Portland, OR February 26th

Sag Valley Forest Preserve Winter Hiking Tour - Near Chicago, IL February 5th

Ward Pound Ridge Reservation Winter Backpacking Trip - Near Westchester, NY February 5-6 (overnight trip)


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