Around the World in Travel Posters

There's something about travel posters that make me feel nostalgic. Perhaps it's the imagined sketch of what we dream a culture to be, or the romanticized colors and fonts. Either way, it's a fun journey to see how destinations have been promoted for their rich cultural history or their exotic landscape. Come tour the world world with us through in full posterized color. 

Promoted by Air France, Tunisa was a natural destination for native French speakers as they could experience a vastly different culture, in the same language. 


Promoted by Air India. Air India created comical travel parodies with their mascot. While, some have not aged well, when taken with a light-hearted sense of humor, can give you a good laugh. 


A feature of the world's most iconic landmarks - Mt Kilimanjaro has attracted outdoor enthusiasts to Tanzania for decades. 


We don't see much promotion of the PNW as a generalized area from airlines anymore, we tend to be much more specific about the destinations because the landscape of the PNW is unparalleled and needs it's highlight. 

Promoted by Scandinavian airlines, this was focused on increasing travel amongst the Scandinavian countries. Turns out Norway is your ready-to-go within Scandinavia. 


A rare site to see Pakistan highlighted for its romantic culture of music and tradition. Promoted before the official split of India and Pakistan. 



First promoted within Australia to announce the new Qantas airlines. 



Domestic destinations promoted by Mexicana Airlines to get Mexican travelers to exotic towns within their country. 

It's been a while since we've seen Western Airlines, but during the new explorations of the PNW, Mt. Rainier was the perfect landscape to invite nature lovers to. 


The iconic Pan Am airlines flew to a host of international travel destinations. They promoted recognizable attributes to the American population, who was just starting to travel for leisure.  


A vintage look into the streets of Havana. 



The ideal tropical adventure getaway. Pan Am promoted Bermuda to the US citizens as a no-brainer way to let your hair down. 



Promoted to the Singaporian residents - Java, Indonesia a quick island hop away transported Singaporians to a new cuisine, language and culture.





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