28 Great Uses for a Bandana

  1. As a mask (obviously)
    Keep yourself safe, keep others safe. Plus you don't have to smell anyone's coffee breath anymore. 

  2. Handkerchief (yeah, we know, this list will get better)

  3. First Aid
    Use as a Sling or to tie on a Splint. Works great as a Bandage or Tourniquet to stop unwanted blood flow. Wrap around ice or snow to turn into an icepack for those swollen bumps.

  4. Pasta Strainer
    In a pinch, you can drape over a pot to use as a strainer. Pour slowly. 

  5. Pot Holder
    Fold, fold, fold, and grab onto those hot handles. 

  6. Salad Spinner
    Place washed greens inside, wrap all the corners and swing it around like a lasso

  7. Tie things to your bike
    No water bottle holder? No problemo. Your tote bag swinging too much as you ride? Add a little extra security by tying the bag down. 

  8. Headband to keep your hair out of your face
    Start by folding diagonally, then keep folding till you have a long strip. Tie onto your head and keep those flyaway hairs out of your face. 

  9. Headscarf 
    Keep the top of your scalp coolFold diagonal, but this time tie the corners to the back of your head

  10. Blindfold
    For games! Nothing says fun like a big open field and some field games. 

  11. Wrap around a fire-heated stone
    Place in the foot of your bed on cool nights

  12. Washcloth or towel

  13. Wrap up your snack or sandwich
    Perfect way to reduce your plastic use and protect your food. It's also a built in napkin. 

  14. Food cover to protect against insects

  15. Tuck under your hat for added neck protection

  16. Sunglass cleaner
    Wipe away smudges on any glass or lens. A couple "ha - ha" breaths and a bandana is all you need for seeing more clearly

  17. Wrap on a tree as a trail or campsite marker
    Best way to stay on track and know where you're going without causing any damage to your path. 

  18. Tie a stone to a line for added weight to toss over a limb
    When trying to hang a line over a tall branch, tie a stone to the line for some added weight and you'll have an easier time tossing over the line. 

  19. Extra padding under your strap when carrying a heavy bag
    Some bags have thin straps that can dig in, a bandana buffer can make it easier to bear the load. 
  20. Soak in water as a cooling neck wrap
    Perfect for a hot day and keeping your internal temperature regulated. The nape of the neck is the best spot to place a cooling cloth for fast results

  21. Spray bug repellent and tie on neck or belt loop  to protect against bite-happy insects
    Also great to tie onto your pup who might be getting bothered by insects. A safer way for him to avoid bites. 

  22. As a smoke signal
    In an emergency, you can send a smoke signal by burning the bandana to let people know where you are. We hope you never need this. 

  23. Tie opposing corners together to create a small basket for berries or truffles
    Perfect if you're on the hunt and get lucky enough to find some truffle gold. 

  24. Drape on a harsh lightbulb to set a calmer mood
    Campsites aren't exactly known for their lighting. If you need a lamp in your tent, prop up a flash light and drape a bandana on top for the perfect bedside light

  25. Sleep mask
    Full moons can make for bright evenings if you're camping, A relaxing eye mask can keep your lids happy and calm

  26. Sanitary Pad
    If you get an unexpected visitor on the trail, you can easily protect yourself on the go till you resupply. Or, wash and dry it a the end of the day to use again.

  27. Face cover from campfire smoke
    Enjoy the campfire but if the wind turn and you've got a face full of smoke coming your way, you can cover your face for easier breathing. 

  28. Coffee Filter or Tea Bag
    Need a cup of tea or coffee, but forgot your filter? Add your coffee grounds to the center of the bandana on top of the cup. Slowly pour hot water on top. For tea, add leaves and steep inside a cup of hot water. 

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