3 Medicinal Plants to Know on the Trail

The US is known for its medicinal plants that can be used for first aid or symptom management on the trail. Mother nature is watching out for you.

Lady Ferns
Indigenous to the Pacific Northwest and other areas of high rainfall, this plant can be used to ease the pain of insect bites, stings, and burns. Simply roll the plant leaves in your palm into a sticky mash and apply to the area of instant relief!


California Poppy
As the name implies, this poppy plant is native to California and blooms wildly throughout the state in the spring. Although classically used to relieve anxiety, this plant can be steeped like a tea on the trail in water for several hours by placing the stems, roots, leaves and flowers in water for pain relief after a long day hiking. Just make sure you don’t have a new job drug test on your return!


In spite of its name, this plant is for humans as well! Catnip can be mashed on the trail and applied to areas of swelling to reduce pain and make sure you fit in to your boots in the morning.

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